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        TMA's looking for talented and Income-Driven makeup professionals  Make-up Artist , Hair Stylists, Fashion Stylists, Costume Designers, Models, Photographers unique,lucrative way to utilize Motives by Loren Ridinger and  Motives for La La, the award-winning cosmetics line by fashion icon Loren Ridinger, to increase your profits, still maintain your independence,personal taste and creativity.       
 Motives Cosmetics line are tools of the trade, makeup products for the professional. We will not just train you to be a good makeup artist, we will train you how to make money like a pro. Come join our team and let's make some money together. Remember, tools don't make an artist but having the right tools will save you time and in turn make you more money especially when you know what to do with your tools.

             Great products + the right training + passion for the art = a life time success
                                   Do yourselves a favor and check Motives out

                                    One Team - One Dream © Team Motives Agency

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